Saturday, March 28, 2009

5 Firefox Addons for the Indian Surfer

I had to find someway to kill time this Saturday. However I wanted to avoid the guilt feeling that comes after watching a movie not worthwhile at all. My attentions turned to Firefox Addons. I decided to find some addons useful to my style of working. While I was at it, I decided why not find some addons specifically designed for the Indian netizen.

I typed "India" in the Firefox addon search bar and lo !!! Two pages worth of results.

However I was disappointed to find that some of which I would have loved to have were not updated to work with the version of Firefox I have. :-(

Yet, the top 5 that made it to my list were

  1. India Stock Market and Sensex Watcher
  2. Toolbar - Job Search
  3. Lipikaar Firefox Extension - Allows Indic language typing across webpages
  4. Income Tax Calculator India
  5. Live India Radio & TV Toolbar

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