Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ecosystem Creation around Amazon Kindle

Amazon has just launched the new $139 priced Wi-Fi enabled Kindle – The e-book that took the world by storm when it was introduced about 2 years back. At Rs. 6489 at prevailing exchange rates, I think this would pave the way for Indians to start vying at owning one. Making a device cheaper is all about enabling mass adoption. It is also about spurring an ecosystem creation. Attaining the tipping point where owning a Kindle will become a necessity rather than a luxury. Imagine what the ecosystem could do with a low priced Kindle

1.       Schools adopting Kindle to replace bulky textbooks that kids lug around

2.       Kindle could become the de-facto way news-paper could be distributed to houses every morning. (Not just newspaper-but newspapers). Even magazines need not be printed anymore. Last month’s Kindle can be exchanged for another Kindle loaded with the latest magazine edition

3.       Kindle can also act as self-help documentation pads required at community centered services like post-office, banks, etc

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

World's Top 10 Technology Companies

I compiled the Market Cap and revenues of the Top 10 Technology companies in the world.



Name of company

Market Cap




$ 235.06 Billion

$ 42.90 Billion



$ 220.41 Billion

$ 58.40 Billion



$ 161.79 Billion

$ 95.75 Billion



$ 154.07 Billion

$ 23.65 Billion



$ 129.44 Billion

$ 36.12 Billion



$ 119.40 Billion

$ 26.82 Billion



$ 115.17 Billion

$ 58.4 Billion



$ 107.43 Billion

$ 114.18 Billion



$ 53.50 Billion

$ 24.51 Billion



$ 57.82 Billion

$ 13.51 Billion



$ 1.32 Trillion

$ 494.24 Billion


1.       The top 10 technology companies in the world have a combined market cap equivalent of India’s GDP

2.       Their combined annual revenue is half of India’s GDP

3.       9 of the top 10 companies (also the top 9) are US based companies

4.       Services companies like IBM and Hewlett Packard have revenues exceeding their market cap

5.       Product companies have market caps that are roughly 4 times their annual revenues


What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 EPIC India Browser Features that will 'wow' you

A Bangalore based Web company has release EPIC, the first Indian browser based on the Mozilla platform. The news hit me first thing on last Friday and I must admit I absorbed it with skepticism. However that did not stop me from giving the new browser a spin and lo...a second admission. I came out pleasantly surprised. While the browser would not have much difference from Firefox browser which is based on the same platform, it differs fundamentally in its positioning. It is an INDIAN browser.

What makes it Indian? A bunch of features built right into it
  1. Support for Indic languages - You can type in native languages
  2. A huge collection of India specific wall papers and themes to personalize your browser
  3. News portals, entertainment, sports and business channels built in that stream news from various Indian websites
However, I would recommend it for any Indian netizen on account of its 5 features I thought are a first for any browser
Slick App Bar
The cool appbar on the left is what caught my fancy. You can consume any content offered as a service right from this bar. A lot of pre-configured apps are available for the individual to choose from. The bulk of them being India specific again.

India specific Wall papers and themes
Satisfying the Bollywood (or even Tollywood, Mollywood, Sandalwood) fan in you, the  cricket buff in you, the patriot in you, the nature lover in you or any other persona, EPIC offers a whole range of themes and wall papers to dress up your broswer

Built in AntiVirus
Another top utility that should seriously get you thinking on whether EPIC should be your default browser

While Firefox and IE have these as addons, the obviousness of this feature mandates that it be offered as a pre-built feature. EPIC does just that and won a few brownie points from me. With upto 4 people in my house who use the same laptop, collections offer the much needed respite. Simply put, collections allows you to bundle as many websites as you want under a common name. When you next want to open the same set of websites, you need not type all the URLs. Just double-click on the collection name and are presented all websites in different tabs.

Website not opening?
Not a feature you would want to be using too often. However it provides you a whole set of decent choices rather than the only option of "Refresh" or "Reload" that IE or Firefox offer. You can ping the address, request for a cached version of the page from Google, search for the nearest match... At least you do not have only one choice (more often than not a useless one) when you next find a URL not opening.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Facebook as a Sentiment Barometer

Vaseline is under intense criticism for their Facebook app that enables a user to whiten/lighten their skin shade on their profile photos. While the application has been a roaring success, questions regarding the racist nature of the app have been raised.

While the actual debate rages on, it is worth stepping aside for a moment and giving a thought to user sentiments as expressed for a brand’s marketing efforts over different channels. While Vaseline and its contemporaries have been marketing these fairness inducing products for decades on traditional channels, I have not heard of racist allegations against them. However, when they attempted at using the power of a Facebook app to further their brand, they ran against a surge of sentiment outburst. I am not even suggesting or getting into a debate of whether they are right or wrong in having released the app that is at the center of debate. I am drawing attention to this vast difference in sentiment expression as expressed for ads in traditional channels versus newer channels.

Is this expression of sentiment happening due the ease with which the newer channels facilitate expression /sentiment sharing?
Is this also influenced by the ability to get immediate feedback from your trust circles of immediate friends, their friends, etc on what they think?


Is it because these newer platforms provide an immediate high of an ego boost by giving the ability to express one’s stand without dependency on externalities.

Do post your views…

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Internet : Fundamental right of the Finnish

Finland has become the first country to make broadband Internet a fundamental right for its citizens. Not that it means every is gonna get free access. Rather he / she can sue a provider who refuses to get a connection provisioned stating location, non presence, etc. 

What's more! The right is for1 Mbps speed broadband. The government has also promised a 100 Mbps connection to every citizen by 2015.

The underlying significance of this legislation that the Finnish government has passed is simple. Internet has become such a powerful presence in our lives today that the government considers just as basic for civilized human living as electricity or drinking water. 

No one would argue against that!

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